Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 88


Sabri and Erkut are quite successful in their supposedly part-Turk-part-Italian bakery but Adeel is snooping around. I don’t think it’s gonna end well.

Kerim is off to an interview. The interviewer feels he’s too qualified. The other one had a bitter experience at Mudamu so he makes Kerim wait. Kerim gets a call from Riffat, so he leaves the interview, but not before giving a piece of advice. Things will get better, right? Wait, there’s more. Ayse runs into the executives from London and gives a little speech, which impresses them. Will they do the contract with Mudamu? I think so.

Oops, down south! Even before Riffat meets Kerim, he calls Muhsin to break the news. Damn! But Kerim refuses. Bhai waah! That little speech he gave, wow!

To finalize things, Helda meets Kerim and convinces him to apologize and rejoin.

Shabana Mukhtar