Turkish Drama Review | Perfect Groom (Sahane Damat)| Episode 10

Shabana Mukhtar

Perfect Groom Poster
Perfect Groom Poster

Perfect Groom Episode 10 Written Update & Review

With each episode of “Perfect Groom”, I’m becoming a more ardent fan of this dizi, and Tahsin, to be particular. He is Mr Right, he can fix things, everything. Whether it’s Melike’s troubles or Cennet’s or Perihan’s tantrums, Dr Love lends his shoulder to everyone to cry on.


Melike continues to write horoscopes for Perihan so she would ignore Hayati and move on. This doesn’t go down well with Hayati, so he complains to Mehmet. Except, this time, Mehmet stands by Melike.

Later, we also see them discuss that once a man makes a promise to a woman, he should stand by it. This is just a subtle way of saying that Mehmet would never leave Ilknur, no matter what. That was so painful to watch.


In a typical woman’s move, Ilknur invites Melike and Tehsin to a couple’s date–Ilknur and Mehmet, Melike and Tehsin. Perihan predicts rightly that this is just to ascertain her rights on Mehmet.

The episode ends as Melike throws water on Mehmet, and Mehmet calls her “Curly”.

This makes Ilknur curious, as previously Mehmet said this his bird’s name is “Curly”. If he can name his bird after Melike, that means something is cooking between them, right? Ilknur and Engin will make Mehmet’s life a living hell, I’m sure.


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Shabana Mukhtar