Turkish Drama Review | Perfect Groom (Sahane Damat)| Episode 12

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Perfect Groom Poster

Perfect Groom Episode 12 Written Update & Review


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Ilknur isn’t at rest. She has no work at her news agency, apparently, as she is seen at the hospital more often than we see her at the agency. Anywho, this time, she comes to meet Engin and asks him about the whereabouts of Melike and Mehmet-both are missing at once. This does interest Engin as well, so he calls Tahsin. As one would expect, Tahsin claims that Melike is with him.

The other interesting thing of this conversation between Ilknur and Engin. Ilknur asks Engin what Mehmet might see in Melike. And, in response, Engin starts a long monologue about how smart and young and beautiful Melike is. 

What was he thinking? Did he think that Ilknur would appreciate it? Argh, she gets more jealous. 

But that was nice to watch.


The “eloped” couple is having a good time at the beach. Dr Mehmet is also an expert barbequer (if that’s a word). They get to talking, and there are loads of sweet moments between them.


And, we see another near-kiss moment between them.

Will they just kiss already?



This episode was quite slow and boring. Except that the duo headed to a beach to fulfil their “shooting star” wishes, nothing happened.


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Shabana Mukhtar