Turkish Drama Review | Perfect Groom (Sahane Damat)| Episode 14


This episode was again a lot of fun. Two couples, Dr Mehmet and older sister Melike along with Dr Love and younger sister Cennet are in the middle of nowhere. Both couples are arguing. While Cennet has splashed water on Tahsin, Mehmet and Melike have their own tiff. 


Cennet senses that something is wrong between Mehmet and Melike. (Yes, there is something wrong. They have kissed, twice, and have argued over Mehmet’s fiance.) While Mehmet is trying to explain things to Tahsin, Cennet amd Melike get in the car and take off.


Yep, they really did that. They abandoned the two men, just like that. That was so cool. I mean, I wish I could do something so silly without ever stopping to think about the consequences. Alas, that’s not to be. I’m not wired to not worry, you know.


Cennet and Melike enjoy lunch on boy’s money and leave a very generous tip. Cennet also tells Melike that she will marry Tahsin one day. I like this girl. She knows what she wants. 


Anywho, so both men have their wallets in the car, and Tahsin’s car keys are also on Mehmet’s car now, so they have nowhere to go even after walking all the way to Tahsin’s car. Another trouble awaits them. The men who had been following Tahsin and Mehmet are back and ready to attack them.


Tahsin and Mehmet have no choice. They run…until they hitch a hike.


On the ride, Mehmet also announces what Tahsin hasn’t realized himself. 


Tahsin is in love with Cennet. 


Long story short, boys also reach home after hitchhiking. 


More trouble awaits them as Engin comes to see Mehmet. Tahsin learns that it was Engin who treated Cennet poorly as if she was an escort. Bas, Tahsin loses his temper yet again (losing temper for a girl. I wonder if that’s not love). He is about to punch Engin, but Mehmet stops him. I am curious to know why Tahsin doesn’t use his combating skills more often. Do we have a story there? I’m sure we do, but we need to wait for that to unravel. 


This episode also showed Perihan and Kazibe bonding over as they unite as against Hayati. Hilarious! Also, Kazibe and Hayati are planning for a grand engagement party now. That would be fun. Can’t wait.


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Shabana Mukhtar