Turkish Drama Review | Perfect Groom (Sahane Damat)| Episode 18

Perfect Groom Episode 18 Written Update and Review

Okay, so Mehmet is trying hard to win Melike’s heart but she’s playing quite hard to get. Thanks to Tahsin, Mehmet knows how he could woo Melike: by showing her just how kind and merciful they both are towards the poor and the animals. Nice suggestion, Tahsin!


For a love doctor, Tahsin doesn’t put as much effort into his own love life. He’s either too sure of himself or just plain stupid. Which one it is, we will know soon. For now, he has the upper hand on Cennet. Cennet has started dating online. Her first date arrives and guess who intercepts it? Dr Love. Tahsin scares the date away by telling horror tales of Cennet being a psychopath. Nice touch. And this was just the beginning of their love track. Tahsin quite successfully sabotages all Cennet’s dates. Eventually, he hires Cennet to work as his assistant. I guess that’s his way of proposing, haha.



As for the lovely couple of Mehmet and Melike, they spend a great time at a pet’s shelter. Things are well between them. But then Melike comes home to find Ilknur waiting for her. Ouch! Long story short, she blackmails Melike–leave Mehmet or the relief fund will be gone. Of course, Melike takes that offer, what’s with being kind and all. 


Mehmet warns Hayati that if Engin gets hold of the hospital, the relief funds will not be there and their good deeds for the poor would stop. I wonder what Hayati will do. Engin and Ilknur, both have set their minds together, that against Mehmet. Ilknur jas planted a spy in Mehmet’s house-the snitch who clicked the photos, remember. Let’s see what happens next. 


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Shabana Mukhtar