Turkish Drama Review | Perfect Groom (Sahane Damat)| Episode 6

Perfect Groom Poster
Perfect Groom Poster

Perfect Groom Episode 6 Written Update & Review

This episode was again a mix of forced comedy and swoonworthy romantic scenes. Since Ilknur has seen Mehmet and Melike hugging each other, Tahsin jumps in to save the situation.

“I had asked Mehmet to pick up the ring, and I am the one who is engaged to Melike,” Tahsin claims.

This convinces Ilknur, but upsets Mehmet. Mehmet is upset because he now knows that Ilknur went through his stuff, and that’s how she knew about the ring. I think his anger is justified.

Also, Mehmet is a bit jealous of Tahsin. We can see that he is feeling possessive of Melike now. Lovely!


On the other hand, Suna barely misses to se Perihan at Mehmet’s house. Later, Hayati asks Melike (blackmails her) to write “pleasing” horoscopes for Perihan. Melike agrees just so her family doesn’t know about the fake engagement. Mehmet, however, thinks that Melike is a selfish girl who would blackmail everyone. He snaps at Melike, making her upset.


The episode ends as Mehmet tries to apologize to Melike. When he sat down next to Melike by the pool and removed his shoes, then socks then folded his jeans, I loved it. He is seen to be an immaculate man. He wouldn’t just willy nilly dip his toes in water. I love the characterization.

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Shabana Mukhtar