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I like romantic comedies. I like Turkish romantic comedies. Of late, I have watced 4 different Turkish rom-com series and am impressed. There is only one problem: too effing long. I mean 40-60 episodes, each two hours long, is a bit much; don’t you think?

So, I looked around for Turkish rom-com movies and found this one – Romantik Komedy. The title itself is rom-com. You cannot go wrong with a romantic comedy named “Romantic Comedy”, right?

Plot Summary

Romantik Komedy is about Esra. She has a mundane job, an awful boss, an annoying boyfriend but two very good friends and roommates – Zeynep and Didem.

Zeynep’s wedding brings an epiphany to her. The next day, she quits her job and breaks up with her boyfriend Oguz. Life’s free. And, she’s happy. You go, girl!

Soon, she’s enjoying drinks with her friends in a bar and Cem Cizgen, a very popular actor comes to the bar with his friends. These guys are supposedly rich and handsome, although I didn’t find them attractive. Omer from Kara Para Ask or Kerim from Afili Ask attractive. Anywho!

Mert and Esra eye each other curiously but nothing happens. What happens is outside the bar. Esra has had a bit too much to drink and passes out in Mert’s car. While Mert and Cem try to get her out of the car, Didem beats the shit out of Cem, early breaking his nose. So, two romance tracks, should I assume?

Cem – the actor, Yigit the playboy and Mert are friends.

Didem hitting Cem Cezgin is captured by some reporter and they call Didem Cem’s mysterious love interest. That’s all it takes for Didem to go nuts over him.Two months later, Didem is still day dreaming about Cem. Esra gets a job interview. She barges in the wrong room where Mert and his team is having a discussion with rather difficult clients. As it happens in rom-coms, her interruption and her mottos pleases Muammar and she gets the job as a copy writer at a most sought-after ad agency. Just like that!

Didem is enjoying at a bar when Cem comes along. She plays the hard to get card, again. Zeynep is upset that her husband wants a child. But the very next scene everything resolves. CEM is seen with another girl, making Didem all jealous.

Mert asks Esra out for a work dinner where she runs into Oguz. She does not have her home keys (convenient) so Mert takes her home. Our girl cannot fight his charm (Ahem!) but also noticed his scars (Awnnn).

As it turns out that Mert is in a relationship with boss lady Ece. When Ece comes back from work trip and some “playing around”, Mert is all strange and he demands more from their existing relationship.

Esra decides to bitch about Mert’s lack of attention over phone and Ece overhears it from the adjacent stall. Now, she will pin her own philandering ways on him. Or, she will torture Esra by PDA for Mert. It works. Esra presents a kick ass idea, resigns, packs her stuff and leaves. Don’t these peeps have notice period?

Mert tries to contact her, over phone only; and she doesn’t take his calls. He could visit her no?

To get over the heartbreak, she writes a novel, just like that; gets a deal signed with the publishers, just like that; and becomes a successful author, just like that. Just like that! My dream, eh?

Mert also breaks up with Ece. One day, he finds Esra’s note and goes to the library where she’s holding s book signing event. The movie ends as three couples are enjoying a nice get together.


  • It was full of cliches:
    • best friends who are there for you
    • quitting the job in a life-altering epiphany
    • landing the dream job by barging into a meeting
    • broken hearted hero needing a woman who cares about him
    • sub-plots to add humour to the story, meh
  • Every conflict resolves so quickly you don’t even realize anything has happened.
  • This movie has long sequences where nobody says anything. I like that.
  • There is a sequel I suppose but I don’t wanna…

In short, simply not what I had expected. So far, Afili Ask tops the list of Turkish rom-coms. Let’s see if something else comes along and impresses me more.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar

PS: It took me 2 weeks to finish watching the movie. You can guess how “engaging” it was.


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