Turkish TV Series Review | Rental Love Urdu Dubbed | Episode 2

You can meet Kiralik Ask’s cast and characters here.

Rental Love Urdu Dubbed Episode 2 Written Update & Review

Omer is getting ready for work but he can’t stop thinking about the kiss, ahem!

Koray, the photographer arranges supermodel for shoot but Omer disapproves. Ah, the perfectionist. And then his PA leaves the job for another job.

Neriman meets Defne and offers her to woo Omer in exchange of 400,000 liras. Because of Serdar, she agrees for 200,000. 

The training begins – wearing heels, makeup, being stylish, his likes and dislikes and schedule, you know. And then we see the much-awaited makeover scene. 

And then they meet. He is shirtless and… Uff… but neither of them admit to knowing each other from their earlier encounter, ahem!

Omer meets his mentor Usta and Defne learns a bit about Omer’s past. 

Side note

The shoes are gorgeous… especially the green one on the display in this episode. 

What to Expect From Episode 3?

Omer likes his new assistant. Is it because of that kiss? Haha!

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