Amazon Prime Video Binge | Day 2 | Biswa Mast Aadmi

Today’s Amazon binge list is “Biswa Mast Aadmi”.

Let me confess. I should have started with this one because I have discovered Biswa first. But Neville is like a new thing that I found in 2020 so I watched his special first. 

When I first saw Biswa’s comedy, I was like – woah, this is male version of me. He is sarcastic, and funny and oh-so-relatable. I also remember posting something about him on my post about favourite YouTube channels.

I calculated for months before opting for this Prime membership. Now that I have one, I will watch every comic’s special.

This show is 60 minutes if Biswa, the Biswa I tried to find in various streams. He is super funny in Kaneez’s “General Fun Game Show”, you should totally watch it That episode also stars Varun Grover. 

So, let’s talk about the show itself.

I have seen bits and pieces of this special on Biswa’s or Amazon Prime Video’s YouTube channel. Let it suffice to say that it has intrigued me enough, but I always knew that if I opt for Prime once, I would be spending more time on consuming content rather than generating one. I mean, there is only so much that I can do in a day. I spend 8-10 hours working, 4-5 hours on YouTube, 1-2 hours on my Kindle, and the rest of the day writing and editing a dozen work-in-progress stories.

I liked how he weaves in the “god phat ke kuch aur nikla” in the first story.

The second story is about college.

“Tu Creative hai. Dusra Sapna Dekh le.”

This line tickled me the most. So funny!

His cricket joke is so funny. I have seen it at least a thousand times, and it makes me laugh every time.  

This show has mostly hinglish. His satirical, sarcastic, angry tone is that one thing that stands him apart from his contemporaries. And he pauses to laugh at his own jokes.

So hilarious!  

On to the next item. Any recos?

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Shabana Mukhtar