Brochara 2 | Episode 2 | The Ex

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This episode begins as the four friends are leaving after office. Kanan runs into his ex girlfriend Shivangi. She calls him Kanoosh.  I love how Dhiren is not budging, not even an inch even though kanan tries to rid of him.

Kanan asks Dhiren to keep it to himself. It therefore becomes Dhiren’s duty to tell it to everyone.

Despite Kanan’s promises that he wouldn’t meet his ex, he has to concede.
He decides to meet with her at Dewar’s and his friends arrive their, too. Now he’s distracted AF. By the way Dhiren had broken Pranay’s television.

To impress Shivangi, he orders scotch.

Nandini aka Pampu who cannot get in touch with Kanan, calls Dhiren so Shivashish has to interrupt their conversation. In his meddling, Shivangi blurts that she’s happily engaged.

At the end, Kanan learns that he was fretting for nothing.


“Double is better” Dewar’s tagline is slipped in, not so subtly.

There are too many small jokes that come and go, as there is a lot going on.

  1. Shvangi introduces Kanan as “Pehli Galti” and Kanan calls himself “Galti Godbole”. A stroke of genius.
  2. Dhiren is planning BYOD for watching a match. He says, “pyaz arrange kar lena.” Burn! There are so many onion jokes floating around. One more doesn’t hurt, does it?
  3. Kanan says, “Pothole and dost Mumbai mein raaste mein mil jate hain.”

I like the intelligent writing, even though the foursome come off as very annoying. Also, as I mentioned before, too much is happening. For instance, in this one, Kanan begs for a phone. Pranay is constantly talking over phone. Dhiren just isn’t listening to anyone and is completely involved in the match. Shiv is the only guy who’s listening to Kana half heartedly.

Thoda halka hath rakho, bhai. Don’t overwhelm the viewer.

The first two episodes have focused on one member each. I think the next episode will give more insight about Dhiren. That seems to be the patterns. Let’s wait and watch.

Shabana Mukhtar

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