Review: Speak Your Heart with Sameena Peerzada

The show was earlier titled as Rewind with Sameena Peerzada. But there is nothing to review about that. Both titles work just fine.

The show has so far brought a diverse range of guests. From singers to actors to standup comedians to image consultants.

The questions are serious. It brings out the best of the guest and we get to hear the untold stories. We see the struggles and pains of the people from showbiz, who otherwise seem to have a glamorous and stress-free lives. It makes us realize how real they are.

If that makes it sound like a dull, and boring show; I may not have done justice of describing it properly.

Because it had the right amount of entertainment. The guests have raised themselves beyond their sad, and in some cases eventful, past.

The guests so far are:

  1. Ahsan Khan
  2. Mahira Khan
  3. Adnan Siddiqui
  4. Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch
  5. Iftikhar Thakur
  6. Momina Mustehsan
  7. Saieen Zahoor
  8. Ali Azmat
  9. Asim Azhar
  10. Inzamam-ul-Haq
  11. Junaid Khan
  12. Imad Wasim
  13. Mustansar Hussain Tarar
  14. Wahab Riaz
  15. Juggun Kazim
  16. Sana Mir
  17. Sarmad Khoosat
  18. Shuja Haider
  19. Meera
  20. Muhammad Amer (a.k.a. Rahim Pardesi)
  21. Sania Saeed
  22. Sarah Khan
  23. Uzair Jaswal
  24. Aima Baig
  25. Hadiqa Kiani
  26. Mohsin Abbas Haider
  27. Bilal Khan
  28. Ushna Shah
  29. Shehryar Munawar Siddiqui
  30. Salman Shahid
  31. Nabila
  32. Usman Peerzada
  33. Shuja Haider
  34. Maya Ali
  35. Fasih Bari Khan
  36. Mawra Hocane
  37. Ahmad Ali Butt
  38. Natasha Khan
  39. Ali Noor
  40. Hina Altaf

All episodes are engaging. All the guests have a story i didn’t know of.

But there are a few guests who stand out, for their gift of story telling.

The first in the favourite list is undoubtedly Mohsin Abbas Haidar. I’m a big fan of him, as a singer, as an actor and as the parody-narrating DJ on Mazaaq Raat. The way he told his story from.his childhood till present day was just…almost hypnotizing. He referred to himself as third person and with his voice and his command over English and Urdu equally, his interview was a delight to watch.

The second in the list of Juggan Kazim. That girl is hilarious and it takes gits to laugh at yourself and be so strong about the past and not play the victim card. You go girl.

She switches from Urdu to English to Punjabi without batting an eyelid, which makes her a treat for ears.

I love you, whether you are on Sameena Peerzada show or HSY, you rock!

And today’s episode adds another name to the list – Hina Altaf. She is quite young and had a worldly wisdom far beyond her years. I liked her analogies that she drew between small things and philosophy of life. I liked her definition of life, how she explained that the mechanism of one simple breath we take is to be thankful for, and how she overcame her depression. I just love every single word she said. She had a good command on her words. I like that in a person. Hina, you were amazing in this interview. And I your new drama Atish.

If you have not watched it yet, please do take a look at this YouTube channel and wiki page.

Shabana Mukhtar

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