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Non Review Rant

For facts and trivia about the cast, director etc, please read the Wikipedia. I am reviewing it based on my memories of 2014 when me and my sister watched it every Saturday for lunch.

Plot Summary

Queen (Rani) is the story of Rani, a naïve and sweet girl of a sweetshop owner. She gets dumped by her fiancé a day before her marriage. This was a love-slash-arranged marriage, no less and he had done many crazy thing to woo her.

Broken-hearted, devastated yet resolute to get over him, she decides to go on for her pre-booked honeymoon alone. And, she first solo journey is filled with epiphanies, quirks and she returns stronger, bolder and more beautiful. (I want to say beautifuller).


We have read self-redemption books and watched such movies, but this movie stands out for various reasons.

Let’s dive into it, shall we?

Attention to Details

The chaotic London Thumakda song to his reverberating statement “Hamara status match nahin karta.”

The first song, for example, shows so many things in one song. The uncle who is constantly worried about the arrangements, her cousin whose only interest is to get everyone to dance the steps that she has taught, Rani’s friend who is in full mood to enjoy her best friend’s wedding, her mother who’s happy and yet emotional that she’s leaving in a say or two and finally Rani joins the dance making sure that she doesn’t touch her dress with her mehendi design.

Of course, I must mention the scene when Rani starts to dance on Asha Bhosale’s Hangama Ho Gaya. She takes off her cardigan and rotates it in air with swag. We wait for her to fling it on the crowd. That is what I was expecting her to so, because that is how our brains are conditioned after seeing it a million times in Bollywood movies. But, no. She stuffs it into her purse. Practical girl!

There are several small moments that add to the beauty of the film. Whether it is the next day of break-up when she is still locked in her room and stuffs sweets to feed herself; or the lizard scene in the hotel room.

Amit Trivedi’s Soundtrack

Amit Trivedi’s music has a haunting and nostalgic quality. It haunts you, in a good way; and the feeling of being haunted stays with you forever.

Another thing to note, in my inexperience opinion is that the soundtrack relies more on the vocals than the instruments. You hear and feel the singer’s voice instead of being bothered by overpowering score.

This soundtrack is no different. From the peppy wedding number London Thumakda to the euphoric Jugni, the music helps you connect with the narrative instead of being an add-on.


All actors have done a fabulous job with their roles, no matter how miniscule it may seem.

Rani’s friend, though appears in 4-5 scenes is so real. From her slightly annoyed expression at the pakoda shop to her pause-and-play dance move in the opening song, she feels like a true best friend forever.

Her mother’s teary eyed smile as everybody grooves to the song will certainly tug the strings your heart.

That gaplu boy who plays younger yet fiercely protective brother has such swag that is seldom seen in boys these days.

Diana Hayden as french waitress who is Rani’s first window.

And, then there is Kangana Ranaut as Rani. She’s vulnerable, fiesty, and oh-so-sweet.

Parting Thoughts

Queen is one of the best movies in last decade and I would watch it again, if I get a chance.

I should probably stop here, lest this review turns into a re-written script of the film.

PS: This is the first time I am posting a review of a Bollywood movie. The list is long, but I will slowly get to it.

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