Actor Profile | Zain Mughal


Zain Mughal is a young and emerging actor in the Pakistan TV Industry. Zain started his career in 2018 from a local theater play in Lahore, Pakistan.  His family played a crucial role in his acting career. They are fully supportive and loving.

Zain is very talented & passionate about his work. At the same time, Pakistani TV industry is very supportive and welcoming to new talent. Zain Mughal has a charming and attractive personality.

Zain Mughal got his big screen debut in Sohail Ahmad‘s upcoming drama Jeevan Nagar on HUM TV. Jeevan Nagar is in the news because Sohail Ahmed is making his TV comeback after 8 years.

Date of birth: April 6, 2002

Age: 19 years

Education: A graduate from Lahore University

Marital Status: Single, too young to get married 😉

You can read Zain’s interview here.

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