Drama List | Abul Hasan

This is a list of all the dramas in the order that I’ve seen his work.

Radin in Thora Sa Haq (2019-2020)

Radin’s small monologue where he narrates his small backstory is painful and touchy, and the way this new guy (I haven’t seem him before) has delivered those lines is perfect. Simply perfect.

This was the first time I had seen Abul Hasan. Later, he had contacted me on Facebook to thank me for my kind words for him. That was a first-someone from the industry getting in touch with me. So sweet of him. 

Pir Murad in Badshah Begum (2022)

He plays the evil Pir Murad.


Which role of Abul Hasan do you like the best?

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Shabana Mukhtar