Drama Review | Rang Mahal | Cast & Characters

Rang Mahal is a 2021 Pakistani romantic drama serial written by Shafia Khan and directed by Zahid Mehmood. The drama started airing in July 2021, but of course I wasn’t interested. Now that two of my drama buddies have praised the drama, I’m willing to give it a go. It has 92 episodes, which is a bit of concern, but I ain’t into long-term committment, wink wink. Nonetheless, I’m trying this out, so let’s meet the cast and characters, before we dive into the drama – Colour Palace, or a Palace of Colour. I like the name already.

Cast & Characters

Sehar Khan as Mahpara

The protagonist

Sabiha Hashmi as Zulekha

Mahpara’s grandmother

Rashid Farooqui as Rehmat

Mahpara’s father

Ali Ansari as Rayed

The hero

Humayoun Ashraf as Sohail

Hero’s older brother and a pivotal character of the drama

Mohsin Gillani as Fazal Ali

Sohail and Rayed’s father, Fazal Ali’s personal secretary. He has passed away, and his death plays an important role.

Fazila Qazi as Shehla

Raed and Sohail’s mother

Arooba Mirza as Hajra

Sohail’s fiance and then wife. She hates Mahapara with a passion

Seemi Pasha as Khaleda

Hajra’s mother

Asim Mehmood as Salar


Shajeeruddin as Saleem

Salar’s father

Humaira Bano as Shakeela

Salar’s mother

Tania Amna Hussain as Sara

Rayed’s fiancé

Salma Hassan as Dr. Durdana

Sara’s mother and Rayed’s mother-in-law to be

Muhammad Hanif as Shahid Sahab

company senior assistant

Ellie Zaid as Asma

Mahapara’s friend

Izzah Malik


Sohail Masood as Fareed

personal assistant Of Fazal Builders

Urooj Ali


Faisal Bali as Shakoor

main servant of Sohail house

Shabbir Jan as Mustafa


Hashim Butt as Saqlain Sahab

company manager


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Shabana Mukhtar