Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 18

A little recap of episode 17

Tameezuddin is about to meet Ifrah. Little does he know what a terrible shock is waiting for him.

Bebasi episode 18 written update and review

Tameezuddin comes home to meet Ifrah; Mahrukh is insulting Ifrah, and then she turns her attention to Tameezuddin. She says every nasty thing that we would have expected from Mahrukh–typical upper class people with elitist complex. Ifrah begs her father to leave. Tameezuddin is heartbroken to see her daughter in such a situation. He arrives home to find Neeli alone at home with Rameez. This proves to be the last nail in the coffin, he gets sick. Fret not, he doesn’t die.

Back home, Ifrah has a fever and Manzoor, the cook, asks Ahmar to check on Ifrah. Ahmar spends the night in Ifrah’s room. Nothing happens; get your mind out of the gutter. But Nadiya and Mahrukh who find Ahmar in Ifrah’s room in the morning, and they don’t understand the situation the way we do. Waise bhi, drama kaise continue hoga if they understand, haha.

Mahrukh continues to insult Ifrah, and Ifrah continues to tolerate it. I don’t know why she doesn’t find a job and find a place of her own.


I don’t like Ahmar’s character. He respects Tameezuddin, but he can’t take a stand for Ifrah. He’s so weak.

Eshal is so beautiful. She looks pretty in  white-and-pink. Waseem Abbas and Anoushay Abbasi, both have acted well in their respective scenes. I liked how  Anoushay Abbasi broke down. Jab kisi ka bahot dil dukhe to aise hi rona aata hai. Liked it. I also liked Manzoor. He acts well for his limited number of scenes.

What to expect from episode 19


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