Drama Review | Angna | Episode 1

[Courtesy: ARY Digital]


Celebrating 25 years of togetherness, we see Mr and Mrs Baig and their happy go lucky (a bit too much) family. 

Azhar and Zaiba Baig have four daughters. Eldest daughter Abeeha stays home and talks to her husband (nakeh only, rukhsati is pending) Taimoor on phone. Eshal is the general manager in her father’s firm, talk about nepotism, huh ;). Nayab and Laiba are studying. 

Nayab’s uni friend Raza comes across like a leech, a freeloader. Even if the art team hadn’t shared the character profiles, it was evident who Raza is. I guess kudos to the team to convey us so well. 

Rubina Ashraf plays a dominating mother, and it explains why Zain is so tame and timid. But that’s only when it comes to his mother. When he meets Eshal out for dinner, he’s a chirpy talkative person. I liked how their date went. 

Rubina Ashraf’s character is unnamed; she is referrred to as Zain’s mother. I was like, why don’t they know her name? Apparently, Azhar and Zain’s mother work together for their business. Shouldn’t he know her name?


So, Zain’s motherbrings Zain’s proposal for Eshal. Dadi excuses and takes time to think over it, do istikhara. This doesn’t go down well with Rubina. Baig family says yes, nonetheless. Kyunki miyan biwi raazi toh kya karega qaazi. 

This one seems like Shehnai 2.0. I mean, sure, Shehnai had some tiff between the bride-to-be and groom-to-be, but the opening of this serial is same as Shehnai–Floral decorations, wedding venue, people all dressed up, the shenanigans, you know… I just hope it doesn’t drag like Shehnai did.


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Shabana Mukhtar