Drama Review | Angna | Episode 11

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Angna Episode 11 Written Updates and Review

This episode is primarily about Ayeza and Ammar. They are married, Bushra is a happy and loving mother-in-law, who is excited to bring Ayeza home. But she learns that Ammar is married and has a daughter. I didn’t like how the phone call was used as an exposition device. Who talks like this? “5 saal ho gaye hamari shadi ko. Hamari beti <name> kaisi hai?” You would either say my daughter, or you will address by name. This was just for our benefit. And it was a bit tacky.

Ammar is a married man, but he doesn’t push away Ayeza. I guess he isn’t too mad about this wedding. Pehle toh bahot ghussa karta thha na? Ammar is unreliable; not because he is already married, but because he is dhul mul yaqeen.

Does anyone notice that these four girls wear red a bit too often? In every episode, we see at least two of  them wearing red.  In this episode, both Eshal and Ayeza wore red in the same scene. I understand that this drama is about weddings and all, but  a bit too much of red, don’t you think?


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