Drama Review | Angna | Episode 15

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Angna Episode 15 Written Updates and Review

Abeeha and Taimoor are planning for Moosa’s wedding now. This family is back to being happy.
Ayeza and Ammar are on their honeymoon. Ammar mistakenly addresses as Ayela, but then he makes up a story which is partly true. Ayeza is quite honest and open in expressing her feelings which perfectly contrasts with Ammar’s quiet one. I love the dynamics of this couple. And it helps that Ammar is sooo good lookin’, sooo handsome… When he smiles, his face just lights up and it adds to the scene. Sooo handsome… Kanwal Khan is also very pretty. This is the best couple… 
Ayeza is super psyched on her honeymoon, and meets a palmist who tells about Ammar’s second marriage. Oops! I’m just wondering, how long will this secret be hidden from Ayeza. 
Nayab and Raza are enjoying their courtship, and Raza is busy fooling Azhar. One of Azhar’s employees kinda senses what Raza is doing. Will this whole series show Raza stealing from Azhar? Will Nayab marry Moosa? I wish that happens. 
Eshal confronts Saira, and even Zain. I hadn’t expected this, but this was such a pleasant surprise. Of course, this showdown still goes in Saira’s favour because she falls down on the stairs. I like Rubina Ashraf. She has nailed this jealous, possessive mother role. 


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