Drama Review | Angna | Episode 36

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Angna Episode 36 Written Updates and Review

Raza has gone crazy, I tell you. He’s not listening to anyone. Nida tries to talk to him, but he thinks that everyone is selfish and doesn’t understand his pain. While I do agree that his family was once selfish, he was no different, right? Why is he blaming it on others? Anywho, he decides to meet Nayab once. Instead, he runs into a neighbour in his old mohalla who calls Azhar. Ouch! Bechara Raza.
Nayab is dealing with the whole situation quite gracefully until now. She might be hurting, but she never lets her emotions come to her face. Azhar and Zaiba’s youngest is the wisest of them all. 

Moosa has come back, and the scene at Abeeha’s place felt forced and dull. I mean, Ziya and Salma lost their only son, and now they shower their love on Abeeha and Moosa. What else is new? Perhaps the fact that for the first time, Salma thinks that Abeeha doesn’t remember Taimoor. That scene feels wrong on so many accounts.

Firstly, I find that contradictory. If Salma wants Abeeha to move on with life, be happy and get married to Moosa, she will have to replace Taimoor in her heart, right? I mean, sure, she might not forget Taimoor permanently but marrying someone else automatically brings that someone on the forefront, doesn’t it?

Secondly, Abeeha must have planned something sweet and grand for remembering Taimoor (because remembering late people is so important than having a life), so Salma’s shikwa is unjust and premature. 

And thirdly, Salma’s crying always makes me want to throw my phone away. Kitna roti hain aunty?

As for Ammar, uska wahi rona dhona chal raha hai. How could Ayela divorce me? How could she take my daughter from me? Ummm… How could you not see how wrong you were in all of this, Ammar?



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