Drama Review | Angna | Episode 38

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Angna Episode 38 Written Updates and Review

Ammar is still dragging the same line: meri bachhi ko miss karta hoon. Bushra and Irshad are happy to see their granddaughter. Will they patch up with Ammar now? I think so, kyunki asal se sood pyara hota hai.
Abeeha is now aware that Ziya and Salma want her to marry Moosa. She is being rude to Moosa for no reason. Her rona dhona gets to my nerves often. Areeba’s voice and acting both annoy me.
Raza is at the mall buying slippers for Shaukat runs into Raheel his friend and gets a job as a salesman. Someday Nayab will run into him. She shops a lot. Maybe he will see her arguing with some guy like previous episode (Nayab yelling at a random stranger) and will pick up a fight for his dear wife. 
Eshal’s treatment doesn’t show any improvement and this invites irk from Saira. Eshal is losing patience now. 
Zaiba invites Zain and his family over for dinner. By mistake, Eshal spills soup on Saira, and Saira just snaps. For the first time, Eshal’s family gets a hint of the rude woman that Saira is. But things sort out at thee end. It does leave Zaiba worried. Eshal is the only one who seems happy in her married life. Abeeha is widowed, Ayeza and Nayab are on verge of getting divorced, Eshal was “problem-less”.
Now, they will know they she had never been happy. 


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