Drama Review | Angna | Episode 41

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Angna Episode 41 Written Updates and Review

Ammar is about to be presented in the court for the first hearing of Ayeza versus Ammar. Ayeza doesn’t want to go to court, and Ammar doesn’t even want the khula. So, Bushra and Irshad seeks help from Salma and Ziya just to meet Ayeza once. 
For the first time, though, Azhar considers if he is pressurizing Ayeza for a divorce. I’m Ammar and Ayeza will get back together, and I wish it happens soon.
Eshal is discharged. Despite Saira’s orders, Zain brings Eshal home. Saira insists that Eshal should go to her parents’ house. Zaiba acts sensibly and agrees but we all can see that Zaiba senses the tension. Saira also confronts Zain: you don’t obey me anymore. Honestly, I don’t understand Zain or his mother. Or Eshal for that matter.
Raza’s boss who was super nice two episodes ago suddenly turns evil and yells at Raza.
Aage aisa hua to naukri se nikal dunga. 
That was so unpredictable. At least Raza could have shown to focus on work and not give any reasons  for complaints. Raheel also starts whining: 
Tumhari wajah se meri naukri bhi khatre mein par sakti hai.
Kabhi tola kabhi maasha. Unreliable characters.
Ismail Tara is the best in this drama. From his body language to his dialogue delivery, everything is spot on.


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