Drama Review | Angna | Episode 46

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Angna Episode 46 Written Updates and Review



Nayab is upset, even worried that Raza shouldn’t find about the pregnancy. Nayab tells Ayeza that she ran into Raza. Ayeza, in turn, tells Nayab that she met Ammar. Now, the two sisters sit and mourn about their situations. Zaiba overhears the whole conversation. She’s handling a lot of things alone–Eshal’s medical situation and Saira’s crap, Nayab’s and Ayeza’s almost divorce, it’s a lot to deal with. Where is Azhar, by the way? Haven’t seen him in past couple of episodes.

Saira tells Zain to consider whatever she had said in the mornings. Basis this, Eshal and Zain argue unnecessarily. I have no idea how far Saira would go to win the battle of ego. This is all just a matter of ginormous ego for her. I want it to be over and soon.


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Shabana Mukhtar