Drama Review | Angna | Episode 5

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Angna Episode 5 Written Updates and Review

Ammar is tots against the wedding thing. We all know, thanks to the spoiler-filled description from the ary team. They specialize in revealing almost all the story in the description box itself. And yet I fell into the trap no thanks to FOMO. This one is a soap. What have I gotten myself into. 
So, where was I?
Let’s cover the four sisters separately.
Abeeha is married into a hyper excited family. They are sweet, and Abeeha has all the happiness in the world. Yep, she’s expecting. Super annoying scene. 
Zain and zehreeli aunty (her name is Saira, by the way) are never happy, and Eshal is destined to just apologize for the rest of her life. Super dragging scene. I think… I think… (Remember Chandler Bing)… Zain is bipolar. Kabhi neem neem kabhi shehd shehd for Eshal. So annoying… I wish he has some character arc. 
As for Nayab, dadi isn’t happy about accepting Raza’s proposal for Nayab. Her fears are justified. Raza isn’t the only one who’s greedy. His family is just like him. Woh kya kehte hain? Aawe ka aawa bigra hai. 
As for the “group scenes”, Azhar and Ziya’s family get together to celebrate the “good news” of Abeeha and Taimoor. 
The episode ends on a note that makes me want to not watch the next episode. Until then….adios… 


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