Drama Review | Angna | Episode 54

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Angna Episode 54 Written Updates and Review

Eshal continues to be the most annoying of the Azhar sisters. She dreams that Zain has gotten married. So, she calls Zain in the middle of the night and goes back home. 
The next morning, Saira sees Eshal. She’s planning for Zain’s nikaah the next Friday. Eshal isn’t happy to hear this, and Saira isn’t happy to see Eshal at home. Saira is still adamant while Eshal threatens to commit a suicide (really?)
The back and forth between Eshal and Saira pushes Zain off the cliff. Their noise was unbearable to me as well. I wonder how Zain tolerated it. 

Raza calls Sallu to meet him about Nida. But he learns a lot more about Sallu and how much more he knows about Nayab. The conversation between these two upcoming talents was so nicely done. Dono bachhe are so talented. 

Sallu returns the cheque. Nayab isn’t happy about this but she’s happy Nida and Sallu. 

Raza has asked Sallu to bring his proposal. I want to see how Nayla reacts when she finds out this the proposal is of Sallu. 


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