Drama Review | Angna | Episode 58

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Angna Episode 58 Written Updates and Review

Eshal is trying hard to make sense of her life. Zain is upset with Eshal (what’s up with that?), and with Saira. Saira is upset with Zain and Eshal; Eshal is upset with Saira and Zain. This is one confusing trio. I think one of them should just back down, or get hospitalized. All the conflicts either start from the hospital or end there. So, we might just try that.


Abeeha has agreed to get married. Now, Ziya, Salma and Moosa come to ask for the proposal formally. Abeeha isn’t completely on board, but she has agreed to this marriage because of her parents. On a side note, does anyone think that Salma’s obsession with Abeeha is a bit much? In today’s episode, at one point, she asks Ziya: 

“Abeeha ki shaadi kahin aur huyi to main uske bina kaise rahungi?”

I was like: aunty itna bhi kya pyaar parayi bachi se?

Anywho, saadgi se shaadi hogi.


Nida and Sallu are finally married. This was a quiet and emotional affair. Both Sohel and Nida look good. 


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Shabana Mukhtar