Drama Review | Angna | Episode 62

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Angna Episode 62 Written Updates and Review



So, Eshal has finally left the house with a big suitcase. She can’t live with Zain, might as well. Zaiba is shocked to hear this. Saira, on the other hand, is happy that her game is going as expected. Now, she can blame everything on Eshal. This is wicked.


Azhar, Nayab and Zaiba try to talk to Eshal, but Eshal is like: if you can’t see me here, I will leave this house as well. 

Nayab asks Eshal to swear on her that leaving Zain was her decision. In response, Eshal swears that leaving Zain wasn’t Zain’s decision. That was genius writing, but such irritating plot turns yaar.

Why can’t they end it? NOW?

Why can’t they kill Eshal?

They killed Taimoor, and then they killed Ayeza. Killing Ayeza was a welcome change because it meant that we don’t have to see Ammar as much as we had to, haha. Speaking of Ammar, we see him talking to himself. Blah blah blah! Ab pachhtawe kya howt jab chiriya chug gayin khet…


Saira and Zain come to talk to Eshal and family. It is sort of a panchayat. Eshal firmly tells that she wouldn’t change her decision. Good, let’s don’t beat around the bushes. Let this be done once and for all.


Nida is expecting (already?). I’m sure this news will pain Raza yet again about his own baby. 


This episode was 20 minutes of flashbacks and 12 minutes of new content. I finished the episode in 13 minutes. Isn’t that amazin? And, what does it say about this drama?


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Shabana Mukhtar