Drama Review | Angna | Episode 65

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Angna Episode 65 Written Updates and Review

Snippet from Angna Episode 64:
I have a feeling this drama would end soon. I hope I don’t have to draft more episodes. haha.

I was right, again, when I said that this drama is nearing its end. This is the review of the second last episode. One more episode and I’m done with this soap. The end came too quickly, though. There are draft posts upto episode 70 on my blog. I will have to discard the remaining four, or maybe use them to share every red outfit that was ever worn in this drama (which is a lot).

Alright, let’s get to the show.


This episode was mostly about Saira. Even at the hospital, she’s ordering Sheeba, bossing the doctor and the sister, even reluctant to take the prescribed medicines. When Zain comes to see her at home, she orders him to leave. Later, she meets Zaiba and Azhar only to tell them just how unlucky their family is.

Abeeha has taken over Taimoor’s business and is happy with her life. Nayab might be upset about the divorce but she picks herself up, and is willing to move on.


There is one thing that I have ignored and never discussed-Asad’s interest in Nayab. There are two reasons. First, I like Raza with Nayab, and I had a strong feeling that they would reconcile. Secondly, Asad looks creepy. He doesn’t blink when he talks, he has no expressions on his face, he doesn’t blink. I skip all his scenes, but even in the passing, I once hope that Nayab doesn’t choose him.


Anywho, waiting for the finale episode. It’s the end of a long (boring, tiring) journey.


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Shabana Mukhtar