Drama Review | Angna | Episode 66

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Angna Episode 66 Written Updates and Review


Nayab and Asad are getting along well. I don’t like it, but the makers have chosen to give this couple a chance. 


Eshal and Zain move to Germany with Zain’s new job. Saira is alone to sulk with her past.


Abeeha is all set taking care of the business. Moosa, on the other hand, has found a life partner as well.


You must be wondering what happened to Raza and his selfish family in angna. Well… Raza has lost his mind. He is seen playing with stuffed toys because… you know… the hurt of not being able to play with his kid is too much to handle. His parents are upset to see their “beta” like this, but what can they do? Pachhtane se kuch nahin hota na…


Okay, so let me quickly summarize Angna.

Out of the four sisters, Ayeza has died, Abeeha is a widow, Nayab is divorced and only Eshal is happy in her life. Out of the four heroes we see on the poster, Taimoor is dead, Ammar and Raza have lost their minds, and only Zain is happy in his life. 

What exactly was this drama aiming to show? 


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Shabana Mukhtar