Drama Review | Badshah Begum | Episode 11

Badshah Begum Episode 11 Written Update and Review

Bakhtiyar knows how to get Jahan Ara’s attention


Roshan Ara meets Bakhtiyar, and Bakhtiyar chooses to be with her. My first reaction was like: seriously? But then I realized. This is his way of getting back at Jahan Ara. He wouldn’t get through with his promise to marry Roshan Ara, I’m sure.


The confession and confrontation between Jahan Ara and Bakhtiyar


Nobody is unaware of the things going on between Roshan Ara and Bakhtiyar. Shah Alam asks Jahan Ara to keep an eye, even Shahzeb knows what’s going on with Bakhtiyar. Jahan Ara meets Bakhtiyar and tries to advice him against his stupid idea of fooling Roshan Ara.

“Ek lamhe ke liye hi sahi, bahot mohabbat ki thhi tum se,” Jahan Ara tells Bakhtiyar.

Shahzeb meets Roshan Ara


Shahzeb is so sweetly regressive that I can’t even be mad at him. He tells Roshan Ara that even if she isn’t the Badshah Begum of Piranpur, her life will still have some rules and regulations and loads of restrictions. Shahzeb is so cool. I love the sibling dynamics between him and his sisters.


Murad is the pawn who will change the game of Piranpur.


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Shabana Mukhtar