Drama Review | Badshah Begum | Episode 24

Badshah Begum Episode 23 Recap


Badshah Begum Episode 24 Written Update and Review

Jahan Ara and Gulnar both work in tandem with the mureed and then Jahan Ara takes a bold decision.

Aaj se aao ki fasal kabhi haveli mein nahin aayegi.

Hakim Bi is mighty pissed with this decision. But, what can she do?

Hakim Bi tells Murad to malign Gulnar’s name yet again. Murad comes to Gulnar’s room and talks shit. Thankfully, Pir Shahmir comes right on time. He still orders that Murad should stay in the same haveli.


What kinda justice is that?

Jahan Ara takes a step further and asks Murad to something nobody would have imagined.


Gulnar ke pair dho ke piyo.


Then a three minutes long scene when it actually happens. I was half expecting that someone would stop this, but noooooo… It does happen. Painfully slow scene even with 2X.


Cut to another scene. Roshan Ara and Bakhtiyar getting hitched. Bakhti’s mom isn’t happy, nor is Bakhtiyar and Jahan Ara but then… Politics is more important than everything else.


Then starts a very long flashback. We see how things happened. I skipped though most part of it as it didn’t hold.my attention.


The episode ends as Roshan Ara challenges Bakhtiyar’s mom. Two headstrong arrogant women against each other. It’s gonna be fun.




“Zarf ki jung mein hamesha be-zarf hi jeetta hai,” Jahan Ara says.


This episode had its flaws. Pir Shahmir was with Roshan Ara and then he comes to his room as well. It seemed a bit like Superman.


Komal’s little flashback scene with Pir Shahmir was so good. She nailed that scene.


As for others, they were good. All the performances were great as usual.


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Shabana Mukhtar