Drama Review | Badshah Begum | Episode 31 | Finale

Badshah Begum Episode 31 Written Update and Review

I don’t have much to say about the plot of this episode. Really, nothing!

But I do have a few screenshots.



The review of this episode I have already done in the previous one.

5 chuuhe ghar se nikle karne chaley shikaar

1 chuuhe ko billi kha gayi baqi bachey chaar


Of all the main characters, the ones you see in the poster,  Pir Shah Alam, Pir Shahmir, Pir Murad, Pir Qaisar, old Badshah Begum Hakim Bi and Pirni Badshah Begum Jahan Ara and her Mureed Bakhtiyar (hehe) lose their life. As for Roshan Ara, she loses her mind. Only  Pir Shahzeb and Zulekha and Gulnar survive.. that says a lot about this show.

I hated the closing.

The one promise that Shahzeb made to Jahan Ara was not to make his daughter a Badshah Begum. And, he still did. Even if he meant to raise his daughter as a strong girl and turn her into a different kinda Badshah Begum. But that’s so vague ajdbi hate vague endings. I also don’t like the ends that insinuate another beginning (that’s why I don’t like Namal, or Jannat Kay Pattay or all of Nemrah Ahmed’s work).

And why did Pir Shahzeb break the fourth wall in the last frame?

If there is going to be a sequel, I’m not watching it.


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Shabana Mukhtar