Drama Review | Dil Na Umeed To Nahin | Cast & Characters

Dil Na Umeed To Nahi is a Pakistani social drama television series produced by Kashf Foundation, directed by Kashif Nisar and written by Amna Mufti. It features Yumna Zaidi, Wahaj Ali, Fajar Khan, Bonita Malik, Muhammad Sadoon and Isbah Irfan in leading roles. 

The story revolves around the journey of three people from their childhood to adulthood who get trafficked at some stage of their lives.

Allah Rakhi is young girl lives in a village with her family but due to extreme poverty her family gets her married to a much older man who solds off her as a prostitute to a brothel where she is renamed Sumbul.

Jamshaid (Jimmy) is a neighbor and friend of Allah Rakhi who leaves his home after facing physical violence from his mother and from his teacher in school. He runs to the city where he gets entangled in human trafficking and faces many hurdles including child labour.

Naseem Zehra is a headstrong and confident girl who dreams of becoming a cricketer and winning the world cup for her country. Due to her father’s stereotypical thoughts that girls cannot play cricket (which are put in his mind by his boss Naeem Sherwani who has impure thoughts towards Naseem) she struggles to achieve her dreams and nearly becomes a victim of human trafficking.

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Alright, so it’s time I give this drama a go. I must put a disclaimer first. I did watch the first episode, and it had not engaged me enough. But I hear people praising the subject of this drama, so why not? 

Cast & Characters

Yumna Zaidi as Allah Rakhi aka Sumbul


Bonita Malik as young Allah Rakhi


Wahaj Ali as Jamshaid (Jimmy)


Muhammad Sadoon Ali as young Jamshaid


Fajar Khan as Naseem Zehra


Hamna Aamir as young Naseem


Momina Aayla Chaudhry as Hijab Zahra


Yasra Rizvi as Savera


Nauman Ijaz as T.M


Omair Rana as Zulfi


Samiya Mumtaz as Najma


Naveed Shehzad as Suraiya Anjum


Adnan Shah Tipu as Ikram


Noor ul Hassan as Qazi Jaleel


Kashif Mehmood as Naeem Sherwani


Faiz Chuhan as Majeed, Allah Rakhi’s father


Saima Saleem as Razia, Allah Rakhi’s mother


Ismat Iqbal as Allah Rakhi’s grandmother


Saba Bukhari as Sadia


Nadia Afgan as Batool aka Batoolaan


Raheela Agha as Malkani Ji


Seemi Raheel as Zulfi’s mother


Haseeb Muhammad Bin Qasim as Doctor


Iftikhar Iffi as Baba Ranjha



I will keep adding to this list as I watch the drama. 

Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Thanks so much, Liza… ♥️

  2. liza says:

    i think you can try watching on this for first ep


    then subsequent eps you can try dailymotion

  3. liza says:

    huh? i mean i live in singapore and i get the episodes.. i don’t know if they disabled it in india 🙁 try again? it’s in tv one

  4. I know, Yasra’s eyes are so expressive… I couldn’t find any episodes on youtube, though? Have they taken it down post PEMRA notice?

  5. Liza says:

    Woohoo ! Although I do agree the first episode wasn’t too engaging but the most intriguing factor was yumna’s character, sumbul. And omair Rana I mean mahjabeen and sarwar part 2 but this time yumna is soooo bold and confident and we haven’t seen her much in these kinda roles and I loveeee that… and also her singing a very provocative song argh so it got me hooked there. Always been a fan of yasra rizwi after churails… such a mind blowing actress

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