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Fraud Episode 15 Written Update and Review

This episode starts right after Tabraiz’s latest wedding. The conversation leads to a tiff between Khawar and Tabraiz about money distribution. He wanted 50% which Khawar isn’t willing to part with. Tabraiz walks out, and now the trio would “hunt” for “victims” on their own.

I’m sure their paths would cross sooner rather than later.

This is a shock for the new bride in the morning (she’s pretty, and I forget the actress’ name), and by extension her family. But what can they do now except mourning?


Shaan’s colleague and secretary Maria is flirting with Shaan, like full-on. He blushes at this bold “apprach”, even I blushed. Itna bhi kya openly flirt karna. I can’t blame her, though. Shaan is so handsome, mashallah. Kisi ka bhi dil aa jayega.

Anywho, Maria’s presence isn’t liked by Shaan’s stepmom and stepsister. Obvio! The stepsister doesn’t give me a good vibe… Her outfits, her makeup, it worries me. Just saying. She would be a pain for Shaan in future.


Mayas younger sister Mayera (or is it Mayla?) is getting married, and her mother never lets Maya see anything, worried that a divorcee’s luck would cloud Nayla’s as well. That’s so freaking crazy. I mean… I would understand if padosan aunties and phuphos and khalas do this, but her own mother? Really? Do we have such little faith in Allah? Maya knows what her mother is doing, but she keeps quiet. Nayla also notices what her mother is doing, and she isn’t the one to keep quiet. But ammi ke murghe ki ek hi taang:

“Sab samaan apne kamre mein rakho aur kitchen mein aa kar meri madad karo. Tumhare baba aate hi honge.”

I was like, yaar ammi, itna khadoos ban rahi hain to saaf keh bhi den ki Maya se duur raho.


Talking of baba being late, Nisar is fired unceremoniously two days before the wedding to hire new, younger and fresh talent. Ouch!

This worries Nisar to no bounds, and he argues with his superior as much as he could, objecting about the unjust  and sudden decision, but who can fight with management? Nobody! Later that night, when Shahnaz talks to Nisar, we see Nisar at a loss of words, AND expressions. He is so dejected and helpless. That scene was simply outstanding, and a testament of the talent that is Mehmood Aslam. Mehmood sahab has aced his role as a worried father.


The mehendi ceremony brings out Shahnaz’s hidden, unsaid agenda of keeping Maya away from Mayera. When the ceremony is about to begin, Mayera’s mother-in-law says she doesn’t want to go near Mayera (I’m assuming she has had a “manhoos” past as well; I can’t say for sure as I’ve missed past few episodes). Shahnaz does the rasm, and it’s Maya’s turn.

Of course, Shahnaz comes up with another excuse to send Maya away. This time, Maya speaks up, only briefly. She doesn’t want to disappoint her mother, either, and decides to leave. Nisar doesn’t allow this, and to my surprise, Mayera’s mother-in-law doesn’t stop this, either. I mean, I was half-expecting that she would uttering some nonsense about bad omen etc.

She simply smiles.

And then the two sisters sit together, one sighing with contentment, while the other one is controlling her emotions–She is worried, she is overwhelmed, she is happy about her sister, she is upset that her kid sister is going away. A lot of emotions packed in a half-smile.

A very sweet scene backed by powerful emotions and beautiful acting.


After the wedding, the family sits together, and this is the first time Maya questions her father’s wish of seeing her “aabaad”. Why can’t a girl be single and happy? I mean, sure, our religion asks to marry of daughters as soon as possible. But that doesn’t mean that marriage is the be all and end all, right?

And then she leaves us with a repetitive yet poignant thought.

Waqt se pehle aur naseeb se zyada ma kisi ko mila hai, na milega.


What a beautiful line to end the episode with.


“Hum apne Allah ko razi karne ki koshish kyu nahin karte?” Maya asks Nisar.

I like that this drama has subtle hint of spirituality and religion. Maya often quotes that she would much rather try to please the Almighty instead of the petty wordly, self-admitted gods on earth. This track intrigues me. How and when would Maya run into her ex-husband? How would she behave? Would she ever think of avenging her heartbreak? We will know soon.

Nida Mumtaz just broke my heart when she apologized to Maya. This drama has a list of fine actors.

Hello, again!

Alrighty, so this was my first review after coming back to India. I hope I have kept the essence of my writing intact after all these days, and that people still like my reviews and written updates.


Until we meet again, check out my books on Amazon. You can subscribe for Kindle Unlimited for free for the first month, just saying 🙂

Shabana Mukhtar


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    I’m speechless in front of ur beautiful arrangement of words as drama reviews
    Keep it up
    I just want to say that I cried too on that mayun scene when the elder sister was controlling herself to give love to her little sis😢

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