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Fraud Episode 16 Written Update and Review

The episode begins with a filler scene between Mayla and Talal. So meh!


Nisar has found another job in Lahore. This is the first time Maya and Shehnaz are learning that Nisar has lost his job. Little sad scene that made me choke up a little. Maya would also need a new job in Lahore. Ahem, foreshadowing.


Shujaat Atre aka Shajji nee Tabraiz runs into Tooba and instantly knows that this is the next target of his. Tooba needs some cash. Shajji gives 40,000 (as a bait) to Tooba. Now, he plans to pretend to be a burger guy without any family who wants to settle down. That’s just genius!

Tooba falls for Shajji’s charm and his monies, of course, haha. Shaji proposes and Tooba just agrees. Ahsan Khan has used all of his charms in these scenes.


Shaan’s mother is looking for a talented girl to look after her studio/boutique. I’m sure this vacancy is for Maya. Ahem, more foreshadowing.

Shaan is happy that Maria is taking care of Zaman, so he proposes to Maria. After the engagement, he goes to Maria’s house to return the phone that she has forgotten. Maria isn’t sincere with Shaan and Zaman, obvio. This truth breaks Shaan’s heart.

So, now Maya would work for Shaan’s mother, and Shaan would marry Maya.

There, all set for another wedding. Woohoo!

And then, Shajji would run unto Maya, AGAIN. Woohoo, AGAIN!


Saba Qamar, so so pretty, Nida Mumtaz, oh so talente and Mehmood Aslam, the best of this lot.


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