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Fraud Episode 17 Written Update and Review

So, the last episode had ended as Maria was telling her true plans regarding Shaan and Zaman while Shaan listens on. Maria isn’t finished. She has more plans.

“I will send Zaman to the boarding school, or have her confined to a corner of the house. As for Shaan’s stepmother, I’m a good match for her,” Maria says.

Shaan has had enough. He puts Maria’s phone (that’s why he came to Maria’s house in the first place) on the table, and leaves. He even snatches the soft toy from Zaman, something that Maria had gifted. I like how he subtly referred to Maria as a leech.

Later, his mother asks him if things are well with Maria. And, he replies with a look.

What a look that says it all…


Shaziya and Nayal come by to apologize to Nisar, but Nisar keeps a very strict stance and kicks the mother-son duo out of his house. Even though the performances were on-point, I missed the whole point. Itna kya ego!


So, the family has now moved to Lahore. A bubbly, chipry neighbour brings a meal for them (that’s so cliche, clicheeeee).

Nimra works at a boutique and is excited to hear that Maya is a dress designer. She offers a job at the boutique where she works. Read my predication here.

And, finally, we see Maya impress the boutique’s owner with her impromptu sketch of an engagement dress for the bride.

Bas phir, ho gayi meri prediction right.


Is it just me, or has Meekal turned into a perfect actor suddenly. I am impressed by his portrayal of Shaan.

The performances are on-point and perfect. The only thing I hated was Saba’s outfit. I mean, what is that colour? I like Saba in almost every outfit and every colour and every hairstyle but this combo is just bleh. Don’t like the colour and hate the hairstyle on her.

All said and done, looking forward to the next episode.

Mere dildar sanam kiya tu ne kiya sitam… 


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