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Fraud Episode 18 Written Update and Review


We see a lot of footage as Tooba and Shujaat flirt with each other, and then Shujaat sets up stage to fool Tooba (renting a house with a swimming pool and all).  Just filler stuff.


Zaman is upset and unhappy living away from her mother, and Shaan isn’t happy to see his daughter like so. I’m sure another is the only option he is. But, after Maria’s fraud, he can’t trust womankind, can he? That’s a Catch 22 situation.


Shaan’s mother suggests that this time she would help choose a woman for Shaan. Alrighty! Going in the right direction.




Tooba wants a new dress to meet Shujaat at his house. Since she’s a spoilt woman, Maya comes to the rescue to design the dress. Long story short, Maya brings the dress and runs into Shaan. (Yes, yes, right direction).


Shaan’s first run-in with Maya isn’t nice for either of them.


Tooba loves the dress, by the way.

Maya gets promoted and gets her own office.

Later, Shaan’s mother offers to drop Maya home. Yes, yes, right direction, indeed.


Kuch zyada hi fast hua sab, I must say.


The performances were all on point. Saba’s overwhelmed reaction upon getting the promotion was so so good.

It was a fast-paced episode so I enjoyed it. Off to watch Mr Bean.


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Shabana Mukhtar