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Fraud Episode 19 Written Update and Review

So, Tooba has locked Zaman in a store room. And, she forgets about it. Zaman begs for the door to be opened, but nobody listens to her. When Tooba finally remembers about Zaman, it’s too late. It is dinner time, and Tooba recalls about the morning’s incident only when Shaan’s mother (let’s call her Asma. I don’t know her name yet) Asma asks about it) asks about Zaman’s whereabouts.

Asma asks Zaman to keep quiet about the whole “locked in the store” incident. Tch! What kinda grandma is she?

Later, Asma tells Shaan that getting married is the only way to “fix” Zaman. Yeah, right!


Samra calls Zaman. A scared Zaman doesn’t even talk to her mother properly. Samra then calls Shaan to reprimand him about Zaman’s poor state. Of course, Shaan waves off everything that Samra says.

“Zaman ko kaise raise karna hai, mujhe tum se seekhne ki zaroorat nahin hai,” Shaan tells Samra.

That said, Shaan does care about Zaman. He has taken an appointment with a psychiatrist. While this might be a good news for Samra, Asma and Tooba are alarmed.

What if Zaman tells the Dr everything???

Eagerly waiting for this to happen.


The real twist of this episode was to see Shujaat meet his parents. His ailing father and lonely mother… Uff… Their conversation was so painful to listen to.

Shajji tells about his plans to get married and settle down with Tooba.

I can’t wait for that.


A friend of Asma is interested in making Maya her bahu. Even Asma is thinking of the same. When she brings up the topic with Maya, Maya gives a cold-shoulder. I understand why she can’t talk about her bitter past with her new boss. Sooner or later, the truth will come out.

It doesn’t take long. Asma calls Maya, and incidentally Nisar picks up the phone. Long story short, Asma knows about Maya’s sob story.

Later that day, Nisar confronts Maya about this.



This episode was quite emotional, especially to see Shajji’s parents… I don’t know… It just made me weep like a baby. Fine performances by everyone.


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