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Fraud Episode 20 Written Update and Review



Tooba is so smitten with Shujaat that she tells her mother, too. It’s not that



Maya brings some causal outfits for Tooba. This time, she meets Zimal. The two hit it off about Frozen and Elsa. But it doesn’t last too long as Shaan interrupts them.

Don’t trap my daughter, stay away from her, leave her alone,” Shaan tells Maya.

Maya takes off angrily and she misses Tabraiz by a whisker.

Anywho, she skips office the next day. And guess who comes home?

Ma’am, that’s who. She just drops the bomb.

Main Maya ko apni bahu banana chahti hoon.

Look at Maya. She’s shocked, so shocked.

Long story short, she isn’t happy about this. We see a little of Mayla as well. The episode ends as Nayal calls Nisar to inform about Shaziya’s critical condition. Nisar, however, is reluctant to let go of his ego and forgive Nayal or Shaziya. This man needs to learn from his previous mistakes.


Great performance by Saba. She’s just too good. When she pleads her parents to leave her alone and not force her to marry, I could feel her pain. She is a great actor.


That was the only good thing. This episode was slow and not-happening. I watched it after two weeks and I wished I had skipped it altogether.



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Shabana Mukhtar