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Fraud Episode 21 Written Update and Review


So, Shaan yells at Maya, accusing her of trapping Zimal. Shaan’s proposal has come for Maya, and Maya is NOT happy.


Shaan reads a fairytale to Zimal, but Zimal wants a real fairy in her life. That night, Zimal tells Shaan about the night she was locked in the storeroom. On surface, Shaan acts cool and promises Zimal to buy a phone. Inside, he is hurting, seriously hurting.


The next morning, Shaan confronts his mother. Asma lies through her teeth, just as we expect. I loath Asma. She is such a selfish person. How could she blame everything on a little girl Zimal?


Anywho… Asma also tells Shaan about Shujaat. Even though she tells that Tooba likes Shujaat, Shaan isn’t impressed. Shaan wants to meet Shujaat and decide for himself.


This is the third time I’m seeing Naeema Butt. She played Ghazala in Ehd-e-Wafa, and she was in Daasi. I think she likes playing modern roles but she annoys the hell out of me.


Shujaat has to meet Shaan now, so he is coming up with a false background story–rich politician who is also a landlord. I think the story might fall flat. But let’s see.


This story is so sad that Mayla’s side is the only positive thing to happen in the episode. This family is sunny positive and perpetually happy. Sadly, it lasts only for two scenes. Talal gets shot on the way back from a wedding. Seriously? Why can’t we have one happy track? Talal’s mother breaking down and praying for Talal’s life was just so emotional. Rabia gives a fine performance in the hospital scenes.


And that’s the episode.


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