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Fraud Episode 24 Written Update and Review

Quick recap

  1. Nisar has forgiven Shaziya and Nayal.
  2. Maya almost runs into Tabraiz/Shuji.


This episode begins as Shuji’s parents discuss their son, and how Shuji cares none about them. Emotional scene that dragged for far too long.


Shaan and Zimal are bonding. Shaan’s mother brought up Maya’s proposal again. As Zimal has taken a real liking to Maya, Shaan also relents. Maya initially declines but agrees to take a bold step in life. She has one condition, though. She would continue her job and keep supporting her family financially. That’s not a problem at all as Asma wants to keep Maya as her chief designer.


Asma is playing some games, though. She doesn’t tell Shaan the whole truth about Maya. On the other hand, she doesn’t tell Maya that Shaan wants no kids.

“Do you open all your cards before a business deal?” Asma asks.

“This isn’t a business deal,” Shaan says. “This isn’t right.”

“But this is convenient right now,” Asma says.

Forget Asma. What irks me the most is that Nisar and Shahnaz also agree to hide this huge thing about Maya. This family is cray cray.


Shuji plays the next part of his plan: his friends come to threaten him to vacate the house. Cut to the next scene, Shujaat moves in with Tooba’s family. He thinks he has reached closer to his destination. Asma later talks to him and tells Shujaat that she is just as interested in Shaan’s business as Shujaat. Shujaat is thrilled, to say the least.

“Jaise aap kahengi mama, waisa hi hoga.”


This scene reminded me of Gohar-e-Nayab where I had scene Asma and Ahsan playing a mother-son duo.


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Shabana Mukhtar