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Fraud Episode 29 Written Update and Review

Mayla goes to meet Talal’s family, gets sick. Nayal offers to marry Mayla just so she would move on with life. Emotional scene but finally it’s settled. Nayal would marry Mayla.


Maya ignores Shujaat, but then Asma and Shujaat make an alliance against Maya. Shujaat blackmails Maya for money. On the other hand, he has gained Shaan’s confidence. Shaan doesn’t even read the documents before signing. Aise hi loota jayega bechara Shaan.


Shujaat continues to threaten Maya, so Maya does what she could-tells Asma and Tooba about Shujaat’s reality.

I like her winning smile.

Tooba denies this but Asma is suspicious. I’m sure she will still take Shujaat’s help to steal money from Shaan. I want to say something about dog’s tail, but that’s a bit too mean, haha.



As with every episode, the only good thing is Shaan and Maya’s scenes together. Look at them.

End it, end it, end it already.


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Shabana Mukhtar