Drama Review | Fraud | ARY Digital | Episode 30


Fraud Episode 30 Written Update and Review

Maya praying and not responding to Shaan. That scene was so long, so unnecessarily long. Maya had been so vocal with Shaan until now. Why shut the mouth now?


Shujaat’s father is about to die because there is no money. Rona dhona and drama…


Tooba freaking out and threatening to rat out Maya.


Mayla talks to Nayal and the later convinces Mayla. Shaadi fixed but Shaan has to cancel at the last moment. Zimal and Maya go to the wedding.


Shujaat meets Asma, tells about his parents and convinces Asma that they should keep their alliance strong against Maya. Asma agrees.


Maya’s life is back to being a torture cell.


So freaking irritated right now. Need a cuppa tea to calm down.



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Shabana Mukhtar