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Fraud Episode 31 Written Update and Review

Whatever happened to the time when dramas would end in 24-26 episodes? Most of the dramas these days reach 40-episodes run. To be honest, that is only because of the editing that stuffs every episode with a million flashbacks to increase the runtime. The drama that would end in 24-26 episodes, therefore, finishes in 35-40 killing us viewers in the process.

Fraud is one such drama. This drama is so slow, oh so very slo-mo. Every scene feels like an eternity even on 2X speed. It should have ended by now, but the editing probably slows down every scene by 10X.

Anywho, so nothing much happened in this episode. Shujaat kept threatening Maya, Maya kept sitting like a manequin, Shaan kept asking Maya–what’s wrong. And that pretty much sums up this episode.


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Shabana Mukhtar