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Habs | Is Love Really Needed For A Marriage?

Habs is an unusual drama with a story that involves a loving couple, trying to make it through the misunderstandings that are created by the unfortunate circumstances and the people around them

(Source: ARY Digital)


Writer: Aliya Makhdoom & Six Sigma Content Team

Director: Musaddiq Malik

Producers: Humayun Saeed & Shahzad Nasib

Production House: Six Sigma Plus Production


Cast & Characters

Ushna Shah as Ayesha Sadiq

The protagonist. A no-nonsense, go-getter. She stands up for herself as well as for her siblings.


Feroze Khan as Basit Salman Khan

The protagonist. He hates women like passionately. Because his mother cheated on his dad, or so he claims. Does not even want to get married, at all. He now manages his father’s textile business.


Ayesha Omar as Soha


Basit’s love interest.

Saba Faisal as Qudsiya

Ayesha, Bano and Zoya’s widowed mother. I don’t call her a miser or frugal but boy does she taunt her kids as well as her sister-in-law for living a miserly life. She wants to wed her daughters into a rich family. Or if that doesn’t happen, she forces her kids to earn a living.


Javed Sheikh as Salman Khan

Basit’s ill dad but now deceased. His wife had left him for another woman.


Irsa Ghazal as Sadia

Salman’s former wife and Basit’s biological mom. Basit hates her.


Hina Rizvi as Bobby

Ayesha’s aunt. She aspires to open her own parlor but is dishonest in the way she sells her products to her customers. She has a way around the house and has no sense about the money situation at home.


Musaddiq Malik as Fahad 

Basit’s best friend and confidante.

Dania Anwar as Bano

Ayesha’s older sister

Imran Aslam as Talal

Bano’s cousin and beau.

Shaziya Qaisar as Shamsa

Talal’s mother, Ayesha’s khala

Janice Tessa as Zoya

Ayesha’s younger rebel sister. I didn’t get her name but she pretty, I like.


I’ll add more characters as I go along and watch more episodes


Until the next review 🙂



  1. I haven’t found out yet, but whoever it is, is doing a phenomenal job. Plus, Ushna is so pretty; she carries it off so well. I love the yellow dress (I guess it was episode 13).

  2. Huma says:

    Who is the dress designer for ushna’s clothes

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