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Hum Tum Episode 11 Written Update & Review

Neha’s friend (I didn’t get her name, I think it’s Hira) is forcing her to bring the exam paper in exchange of one lakh rupees. While Neha initially refuses, the offer is too lucrative to refuse. I told you… A person with high moral and ethics will never stoop so low. Didn’t she promise her father to never let him down? I’m always in for a rom-com but this drama has no romance, and very little comedy. Badtameezi aur shararat mein farq hota hai. That line is so blurred in this drama. 


So, the rest of the episode is all about Neha trying to get her hands on Qutbuddin’s USB that Adam has. On the other hand, Nani has finally found a match for Safiullah, a woman who is also a tiktoker and has all of 365 followers. Long story short, the two end up at the police station,and now Safiullah needs someone to rescue him. Who better than Adam?

This episode was one of the slowest and most boring episodes of this drama. Or maybe I’m just tired.

Hum Tum is quite slow-paced. It has been 11 episodes. We have only promise for one of the love stories (Maha and Sarmad), whereas the other couple is still busy fighting. I think the Science Conference will be the catalyst. Once Neha and Adam are alone and away from their families, sparks might fly, finally. Something might happen (like fighting goons or something) that makes Adam the hero that he is, and make Neha see the goodness in Adam. I can’t wait for that episode. So far, there is little chemistry between Ramsha and Ahad, but let’s see if their romance track changes that.

Fingers crossed.


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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Liza Joel says:

    hahaha i was just thinking the same >.<

  2. and then there was “chunni chunni ankhon wala Feroze Khan in Khuda aur Mohabbat”… C&S is promoting its content and I like it.

  3. Yep, Chupke Chupke was better than this, and Suno Chanda was better than Chupke Chupke. Maybe next year, we will value Hum Tum more 😀

  4. Absolutely! It is all fun and games so far…

  5. liza says:

    also i dont get how hum tum is getting more views than ch&s… also i was rewatching chupke chupke and i forgot how good that was.. i feel CC was better than HT, at least story toh fast paced thi.. i feel HT hasn’t picked up the momentum yet

  6. liza says:

    omg ya!!! AHAHAHAh “eda tu imran ashraf” and the ishq jalebi reference too !! and also another scene when dadi malkana says “mujhe sajjo bohot cute lgti hai” ahahhaa so so funny omg

  7. And what about “Aya bada koi imran Ashraf” pony wale uncle says, and Billu replies: “yeh kaun hai”. It was a couple of episodes ago, but so funny.

  8. liza says:

    pehalay episode bohot daavey kar rhi thi ki “shararat apni jagha lekin itni ghatiya harkat nhi kar sakti” lol
    although i did q enjoy ep 10 of HT.. sweet sweet revenge.

    also c&s humour is so witty man! and it’s so funny like i could immediately spot all the references, but for exams and tests i’m not able to AHAHA
    like in ep 10, there was a scene billu recreated on the viral shehnaz gill, twada kutta tommy sada kutta kutta, meme. man so funny HAHAAH and then another scene at the dining table and dada chaudhry was like referring to shabbo ” yeh asal mei deeba ki beti hai. isliye itni sentimental ho rhi hai” when irl madiha rizvi is deeba ji’s beti. excellent ! excellent !

    I have yet to watch today’s episode yet so i can’t wait <3