Drama Review | Hum Tum | Episode 14


Hum Tum Episode 14 Written Update & Review

Maha is at the hospital, and Neha, Adam and Sarmad everyone is looking after all. Neha and Adam are at each other’s throat as usual. I hadn’t said this yesterday but Ahad Raza Mir looks so handsome in blue salwar kameez. 

When Maha comes home, they meet Jabar and his son Sarim, played by Omer Shahzad. Sarim clearly likes Neha, and Neha plays along only to irk Adam. That goes nowhere, but Qutbuddin doesn’t 

Sultan comes to see Qutbuddin for some reason, and Qutbuddin ends up telling him about all the properties he has made over the years for his daughters. Whether it’s the greed or just Sarmad’s interest in Maha, Sultan brings Sarmad’s proposal for Maha. This was quite unexpected, even from Sultan. Sarmad is so happy, and so am I. At least something has happened. 

Now, how do I feel about the whole Sarim thing? Not too pleased. The story is already quite slow, and the promised hate to love romance is nowhere to be seen yet. With that in mind, introducing another character or the third corner in the nonexistent love triangle just makes things unnecessarily complex.

Furthermore, I don’t like Omer Shahzad. He also plays Khurram (Thurram) in Mere Humsafar. I feel that he isn’t very comfortable in front of the camera. To quote my four-year-old nephew: yeh to nakli ka lagta hai.  I mean, he is real and all but his expressions are so forced. Anywho, so none too pleased about this new development. Let’s see how it goes in future.


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Shabana Mukhtar