Drama Review | Hum Tum | Episode 15


Hum Tum Episode 15 Written Update & Review

So, Sultan has given Sarmad’s proposal for Maha. Safiullah and Ulfat are on board for the proposal, Qutbuddin is considering the proposal while Maha is confused. It’s only Neha who is against the proposal   her might.

A bunch of dacoits enter Qutub palace. They gather every family member in the same room. Sasha is under the quilt so she sends a text to Mili. Long story short, Sarmad is also one of the hostages. The main dacoit is Safiullah’s fan, so he decides to step back. This was the perfect way to open Daddu’s tik-toking career on Qutub. On the other hand, Adam calls police. 

By the way, it was the same man who played the dacoit in Paristan earlier in that Shehzeen’s engagement episode. I was like, was this shot on the same day? 

This whole dacoit scene led to a long monologue by Maha who supported Safiullah’s choice of career. It was a much-needed speech for mental health and the care that elderly people need. But overall this episode was so-so.

I have reviewed four episode 15s today–Sang-e-Maah, Hum Tum, Paristan and Chaudhry & Sons. Thoda 15-15 zyada ho gaya.


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