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Hum Tum Episode 18 Written Update & Review

This episode was too much to handle. I needed time to process it all before I could review the latest episode of Hum Tum. I took like all of 5 minutes, hehe. That I couldn’t get back to my phone until four hours later, that’s a different story for a different time. But in a way it’s good. I had more time to absorb the episode.


Sultan’s real plan about Maha

So, Sultan has agreed to Safiullah’s “terms and conditions”. He has refused to take any jahez and has even boasted to write off their home and restaurant in Maha’s name. All of this, if that’s what it takes Qutbuddin and family to agree to Sarmad’s proposal for Maha. 

Much to our expectations, Sultan hasn’t had a change of heart. He’s still a greedy man looking for shortcuts to get rich. He’s doing this, expecting that Qutbuddin will give the properties to Maha nonetheless. Argh, when would he change?

Jabar’s talk with Qutbuddin about Sarim’s proposal

I want to quote Dildar Chaudhry here:

Gadi labbe na labbe, speed ek sau nabbe.

Jabar meets with Qutbuddin in his office, Adam is also present as usual. Jabar sits down and discusses his son Sarim’s proposal for Neha. This makes Adam u comfortable. Why? One might ask. 

Sarim’s appointment as Jabar’s replacement

Because why not? It’s not nepotism, people. Sarim is really talented and he’s a genius. Didn’t Neha say that repeatedly?

Maha and Sarmad’s little date

Whatever their families have in mind, at least these two obedient ones are haooy with the decision. Sarmad calls Maha to his restaurant. He tells him that their house is mortgaged to get money for the restaurant, and that they can’t give it to Maha. On the other hand, Maha tells him that she wouldn’t want his house or his restaurant.

Awnnn, isn’t that sweet? I’m so happy for them. No matter what others think of their alliance, they are happy. 

Adam’s jealousy 

Yes, Adam is jealous of Sarim. For one, he is getting all the attention from Neha and Qutbuddin. Forget Neha, for Adam hardly cares for her. Even Qutbuddin is now fond of Sarim, asking him to do some research work instead of Adam, his old, supposedly and self-admittedly the-only-guy-he-trusts. Needless to say, Adam is upset about this. And yeah, he’s jealous, too. This can easily be mistaken for his love for Neha, ahem. But we will get to that later. 


Neha’s idea to flirt with Adam

Okay, it wasn’t her idea, but her friend’s, the same friend who had asked Neha to steal the exam papers. Whatever happened to that track, by the way? 

So, the friend, let’s call her Hira, suggests that Neha could pretend to be in love with Adam to get even with him. Right now, Neha doesn’t like the idea, but who knows? Things might change in future.

Adam and Neha’s bickering

Neha and Adam are going back home. They rant as usual, their verbal tiff is at their best and this time it’s Neha’s turn to shut up.

Neha cockily offers to drive Qutbuddin’s car and… Yeah, you guessed it right, hits it, ruining the bumper. They rant as usual, their verbal tiff is at their best and this time it’s Neha’s turn to shut up.

Adam doesn’t only claim to know Neha. He really does know her (which makes Neha oh so predictable). He knew that Neha is trying to steal the pen drive, he knew that Neha was stealing the paper for her friends, he knew that Neha wouldn’t have enough money with her. Our dude knows Neha just too well. And I think it’s a nice foreshadowing for later when Adam would finally fall in love with Neha and will know how exactly she feels. Maybe she’d deny it but Adam will know that she really loves him. There I go, making my own story. 

Daddu’s fake Sufism video

Safiullah is making another video for his fans. He dresses up in salwar kameez and sports a skullcap as well. He even tried to whirl like whirling durvishes. I don’t understand what was the whole point behind the video, but Junaid Khan got to show us some very enjoyable expressions. And he looked nice in that white salwar kurta.

And now, admitting just how silly I am

Okay, so there were two things that I had completely missed/misunderstood.

1. Jabar’s son’s name is Sarim, not Zaroon. 

My bad, I guess I have misheard his name the first he appeared and then just stuck to it. Today, it wad clearly “Sarim” and not “Zaroon”.

2. Adam’s parents’ names

Thanks to my utter disregard and negligence to Ertugrul, the immensely popular Turkish series, and might I add a cultural phenomenon, I had paid no attention to Haleema and Sultan’s names. Haleema Sultan is the heroine in this historic Islamic series. I had missed it entirely. I feel so silly now. 


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