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Hum Tum Episode 20 Written Update & Review

Sarim completes Neha and Adam’s project

Adam doesn’t want the ready project even if he has to let go of their topic and all the efforts they gave already put in. They start their new project, and Neha compliments Adam for his research work.

“Hum Tum mil ke acchi research kar sakte hain,” Adam says.

This scene was the biggest change in Neha-Adam hate-hate relationship. Adam suggested something and Neha agreed to it without any arguments. It was such a refreshing change. It was nice to see that they can be civil to each other.

Sultan borrows Safiullah’s Vespa

He borrows the vespa. While Ulfat is apprehensive, Maha hands over the keys. Now, looking at Sultan’s record, everyone is worried, and rightly so. The Vespa is missing, and this leads to a lot of confusion and taane-tashnee from Neha.

This also leads to the one of the best and the most pivotal scene of this series. Both Sarmad and Adam, espeically Adam take a stand for Sultan. It was another big change in the whole Sultan family dynamics. So far, we haven’t seen Adam say any good word for Sultan, but things changed and how. Saima Akram Chaudhary, salute to you. Whether it’s Chaudhry & Sons or Hum Tum, the way you write a series of scenes to deliver a bigger message/punch is just perfection, even magical. I loved how a little borrowing of the Vespa led to sort of breaking the cold wall between the father-son duo.

Sarmad takes Maha for shopping

It was a cute scene. Maha and Sarmad’s scene in the lawn was so cute. All Sarmad/Maha scenes were cute.

Vision 3 placement again, a gift from Sarmad… Awnnn…


I loved loved loved this episode. I saw the first glimpse of romance. And I can’t wait to see more.


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